Innovative Lighting Solutions

Specialised LED Products is a leading designer and importer, specialising in both domestic and commercial lighting. We work closely with some of the most innovative and proven LED manufacturers and develop LED products specifically for New Zealand’s unique residential and commercial lighting environments which opens up an unlimited world of design possibilities. If you can dream it, there’s a Specialised LED Product solution that will make your dreams come true.
Our Mission:

  • Provide exceptional customer service.
  • Develop products which allow a wide range of design possibilities by working closely with our customers.

We value your business and plan on growing alongside your company as we provide practical lighting solutions.

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Paint your world with the rich colours of Specialised LED Products Ltd.
Cabinet Lights
Channel & Lens
Coat Rail
Controllers - Digital
Controllers - Dimmers
Controllers - DMX
Controllers - RGB
Controllers - Sensor
Controllers - Smart Home
Controllers - Synergy Series
Deck Lights
Fibre Optic - Chandelier
Fibre Optic - End Lit Cable
Fibre Optic - Light Engines
Fibre Optic - Panel
Flood Lights - 24V DC RGBW (RGB to order)
Flood Lights - 12 to 24V DC Single Colour
Flood Lights - 240V AC
Flood Lights - 240V AC Dimmable
Grolux Fittings
Inground Fittings
Inground Fittings - RGB & RGBW
Lamps & Modules
LED Strip - Indoor
LED Strip - Outdoor
Recessed Down Light
Spot lights - Indoor
Spot Lights - Outdoor
Spot Lights - Outdoor RGB
Swimming Pool
Transformers-Power Pack
Wall Lights